3 comments on “Book Review – Child 44 by Tom Rob Smith

  1. Hi Rob,
    Thanks for following! I browsed your website and noticed your book review of Child44. I recently saw the movie and I thought it was an excellent story. Horrible, but well done. It was an enlightment to see the pressure those people were living under, not being able to trust your neighbour or even your own family. I don’t know if the book can be any better than the film as I thought Tom Hardy was extremely well cast and made his character very believable.
    Jacky D.

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    • Hi Jacky,

      Thanks for your comments they are appreciated.
      I have watched the film after reading the book and have to say the book I found to be so much more. It also includes a lot of explanations to areas I felt the film left a little vague. I agree Tom Hardy provided an excellent performances but would favour the book over the film.

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